Organic Oils
These fresh, natural and high-quality Organic Oils are formulated to provide maximum benefits to the users without any side-effects.
Herbs Butter
Pure and natural Herbs Butter for enhancing the qualities of cosmetics and other products. This 100% effective butter comes with unmatched properties for providing excellent benefits to skin.
Herbal Salt
Pure, natural and Herbal Salt is available without any adulteration and human touch to ensure to provide maximum heath benefits to the users.
Herbal Wax
This certified and organic Herbal Wax is available with high level of purity to ensure maximum benefits. It comes without any adulteration and mixing of any chemical.
Sturdy Corks are provided to ensure to keep the bottle leakage and spilling free. They are designed using high-quality raw materials to ensure no damage.
Fragrance Oil
Fragrance Oil comes with pleasant fragrance to ensure to fill the ambiance with appealing aroma. It is widely used for adding appealing aroma to cosmetics and other products.